Loans and credits are increasingly popular

It is becoming increasingly popular to save on current loans and loans. It is a way that you can bring the monthly costs down considerably. Some loans and loans have an interest rate of 14%! By transferring your loans and loans to another bank or lender, you can significantly lower interest rates. Our colleagues at Consumind Finance Brenda & Mark can help you with this, so you can save hundreds of euros per year on your loans and loans.

More remittances in 2016

In 2016 the number of transfers increased by 29%. At the beginning of the year, saving on loans and loans is particularly popular. Consumers just come out of a more expensive period with holidays and want to start the new year with less debt and the good intentions to save. The average loan amount in 2016 was over € 26,000. In the summer months of June and July there is also an increase in the refinancing. Nearly half of the loans that were transferred were from over-50s.

Save on your current loans and credits

Consumind Finance is on hand every day to save you on your current loans and credits. Colleagues Brenda and Mark will work with you on the outstanding amounts and the most important data to get you started to realize the highest possible savings for you. They can do this on the basis of the shortening of the term and / or the possible velocity of the interest. If you can save, they will immediately contact you to arrange everything for you. Do you want to save directly on your current loans and credits? Then call 030 – 7009 728 or click the button below to sign up. A colleague will then contact you as soon as possible.


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